👋 heyo, I'm Michael Angelo

yes, like the ninja turtle

You can call me Angelo for short! I'm a technology advocate at heart, coffee enthusiast, and pizza lover. I'm currently a remote SWE at Xealth , a digital health startup in Seattle, WA. I love all things Next.js, React, Nodejs, Kubernetes, Cloud, svelte-logoSvelte, Go and more. Feel free to check out my blog and projects to see what I've been up to.

somehwere in hawaii
somehwere in hawaii
Me in some colorado mountains during the summer
friend and I at Brighton, UT
cycling in Malibu, CA
friends and I completing the honolulu marathon

Other than tech, I love to seek adventure. I'm an avid runner, cyclist, and drummer (my girlfriend definitely enjoys it, I promise).

I use this site to share my experiences, dumb mistakes, learnings, and maybe some memes. I hope you enjoy!

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work stuff

  1. Company
    Xealth Inc.
    Software Engineer Technical Lead
  2. Company
    State Farm
    Data Engineer/Software Engineer
  3. Company
    Coca-Cola One North America
    Data Engineer
  4. Company
    Emory University
    Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Econometrics
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